A Successful Experiment

(originally posted 9/8/09)

On September 4, Studio L’amour hosted ‘So You Wanna Be a Naked Girl?’, a contest for naked girls to read to an audience for the first time.  We had 8 girls reading, and including the regular naked girls, we had 13 naked girls running around the studio!  I couldn’t believe the turn out of the readers and the audience.  When we had decided to do this theme, I really was unsure if ladies would sign up.  Such a vulnerable and brave thing to do!  Kudos ladies!  Yes, we did have some that registered and then dropped out because it was too daunting, but I think 8 girls is respectable.  I’m so proud of what happened on the 4th.

The winner of the event was Sofi Minx.  She is new to the studio and has been taking class with me for about 3 weeks, and before then, she was in the basic burlesque class.  She won a boa, a photo shoot with Pez Photo (aka Jeff Millies), a pair of handmade pasties, tickets to Lipshtick, tickets to Naked Girls Reading, and a session from Studio L’amour.  A nice prize package!

Another fun experiment was opening up Naked Girls Reading in 2 other cities in August; Denver and Dallas.  Both went really well and the audiences were just as excited about the concept as they are in Chicago. The readers and the audience were thanking me for expanding to other cities.  I think we may have hit on something folks!

Do you think more naked girls reading will lead to world peace?


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