Bed Time

This month we read bed time stories to you and I fell in love with the genre.  I love the concept of being read to until you fall asleep.  There is a rhythm in all of the stories that we read, even the dark ones, that just calms you.  Fascinating!  We ended the evening with Goodnight Moon, a classic.  I was surprised at how moving it was.  It was so sweet, I almost cried.  If you were there, perhaps you felt it too? Personally, bed time is my favorite time of day.  I love wrapping myself up in the sheets, putting on my sleep mask, and shutting out the world.  There’s also something very energizing about it for me.  I could be down and low energy all day, and then once I’m in bed, I suddenly want to talk and be talked to, which isn’t terribly exciting for my lover.  Sorry babe!  I suppose I could always hire someone to talk to me in bed.  Times are tough.  Any takers?  Or, I could just post a listing on Craigslist.  How ’bout it Mimi First? See you next month for Naked Girls ROCK!  So excited!


~ by ngrblogadmin on January 11, 2010.

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