Bedtime Stories, Sweet Dreams and Batman

bedtimestoriesI adore bedtime. I was always the kid staying up into the wee hours, way past my prescribed bedtime, reading by flashlight under the covers. To all those haters (ahem mom and dad) that said, “You’ll ruin your eyes like that!”: they’re just fine thanks. I love everything about bedtime. I love sinking into my downy soft comforter. I love the night noises outside my window and the sounds drifting in form the street as I doze off. I love that no matter how foul your mood is when you go to sleep, when you wake up it’s instantly reset. Sleep is my emotional reset button. Whoa there Mimi! This is rapidly becoming a love letter to sleep and not a blog about NGR!

* Getting back on track, here’s what I read:
Edgar Allen Poe’s – “Masque of the Red Death”
Roald Dahl’s – Omnibus: Perfect Bedtime Stories for Sleepless Nights (short story called “Skin”)

We also read aloud and interpreted the dreams of our audience members. From this exercise we learned that, as a dream interpreter, I’m a bit of a hack. And that people have some hilarious, adorable and disturbing dreams. I’ll not reveal the top secret identities of our dreamers but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I shared a selection of my favorite shared dreams from the evening:


Dream 1 Entitled: Adorable Hipster Boy’s Song Stylings:

I was dreaming that I was having a dream and this young boy had a guitar in bed. He took all the words/phrases I spoke aloud and put them to music – so my “sleep talking” became fodder for his “song”… when I woke up, for real, and asked how he liked my “song” he laughed. It was all a dream.

Dream 2 Entitled: Superman would never doo that!

I was Batman and I was after somebody (I forget who, or why) and I was hang-gliding around the woods looking for him. Then suddenly I had to take a dump so I found a bathroom. But, then while I was taking a dump my friends from college came in and started making fun of me like, “Hey! Check out who’s taking a dump, it’s Batman!” and I was like, “Quit it you guys, stop making fun of me, I’m after somebody, I just had to take a dump first!”

Dream 3 Entitled: Tricycle Now

So the basis of the dream – it’s a post-apocalyptic warzone. There’s no one around and I’m trying to find someone and I think I know where they are. I’m walking down an alley and I hear a strange repetitive noise. I hide behind something and look towards the noise. There’s a busted up car with a giant slab of wood, like a ramp, running from the top of the car across the hood – and to the ground. There’s a man near the trunk of the car with a pile of dead raccoons. One by one, he takes a raccoon and pushes it on a tricycle down the make shift ramp. Repeatedly.

Yeah, good stuff, right? See what you missed out on? Can’t you just imagine the commentary that ensued as we tried to interpret these doozies! Bet those of you schmucks who missed out will be marking your calendars next time right. 🙂 Until then, Sweet dreams….

…..Sweet Naked Dreams

Oh and if you want to share those dreams with Mimi – I’ll attempt to interperet them for you too!


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