Brought to you by the letter ‘N’

(originally posted 11/7/09)

‘N’ is for naked.  Happy 40th anniversary Sesame Street!  Your work has served me well!

On to the blog…

I was really touched by this month’s theme of letters.  We read love letters, hate letters, fan letters, stalker letters, etc.  I think this was one of my favorite readings, surprisingly.  I am touched that people used to sit down and write with a pen and paper.  They wrote something that was worth preserving.  Will we someday be reading old emails?  Do they carry the same weight as a written letter?  Not too sure that they do.

I am not a huge fan of this technology, but of course I can see the benefits, I mean, it puts me in touch with people all over the world!  But what about the history?  Will people save the image they took with me after a show on their hard drive?  Doesn’t seem to be so special, does it?

I have to admit that I’m a bit of an Italian grandma.  I’m paranoid.  I don’t like being on the grid.  I like my checkbook and my pen and paper.  I like to hold things and touch them.  I can’t shop online.  I yell at my computer everyday, but here I am writing a naked blog.  Ahh, bittersweet.

It is imperative that we grow with technology but part of me just longs for the permanence of the tangible.  I worry about the future and the preservation of art and books, but I also worry about my place in it.  Will I be just a blip on this thing called youtube?  How do you preserve live performance?  I suppose video is the way to go, but I wish live performance was something you could hold.  But, as long as the performances live in your memories and stories are told and letters are written, the history will remain.


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