Christmas Means White Wine

(originally posted 12/8/09)

I’ve always been a winter white wine drinker. So……here…..enjoying a glass myself, I write about December. A month of renewal for me, a great month of reflection and pretty lights. A difficult month sometimes… because it only happens once a year! Ha Ha Ha!!!  No, you know what I mean.

We read A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, for December’s Naked Girls Reading. We read it together,  one by one.  We shared the book and told the story. Possibly this public reading would have been shocking but hopefully heartwarming to C. Dickens himself. Ah, even the cops were there for our reading event.. more on that in Greta’s Blog.

Anyway, this tale was a popular hit right away, but poor Charles lost money on it that first year or so, because it was “pirated” in January 1844, after being published in December 1843…Dec. 19th… Wonder what day of the week that was?  He paid for the printing out of his own pocket, accepting a percentage instead of an advance. I thought that was interesting, seeing how it panned out in terms of popularity, what with the whole debacle of the piracy issue. Anyway, he began reading it in public, often, about 10 years after it was published. We are carrying on the tradition.

Reading it prompted me to grab my copy of The Old Curiosity Shop, a curiosity itself I keep on my desk. It is a dusty Penquin Edition printed in the UK in 1972! I won’t even go into the eroticism I feel for reading and touching old delicious paperbacks…Ok, I did. I imagine (I hope!) many of you choose the books you want to read by the tactile benefits of how they are bound, how the paper may feel, the typeset, or how old (or new?) they are? Yes?

I digress, but bear with me, it comes around. (We had a beautiful edition of A Christmas Carol, btw…!).

The Old Curiosity Shop begins with the words…”Night is generally my time for walking.” The images and feeling of restlessness and observation in just the first pages of this book cut to the core for me. I love the writing of Charles D. — The oddball characters, the juicy juicy descriptions of life in the moment. And, in A Christmas Carol, which we read with zest (I think..!)…one of the most profound tales of reflection. By force, no less.

Mr. Dickens.. (I’m having a really hard time deciding how to refer to him….it’s late…) Anyway, he seems to like “walking at night” descriptions. You must know David Copperfield, who has some great streetlights with which he is quite friendly.  So I guess I’m coming around to the greatest night walk of all, the one we take on Christmas Eve, ghosts, chains, and all, in A Christmas Carol. Hey, it’s a ghost story and a morality tale….ahhh.

See you next month for the ultimate hangover brunch…Pulp Fiction Brunch– Sunday, January 3rd. You can see what we look like in the morning.!


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