Congrats first Madison Naked Girls!

(originally posted 11/2/09)

I just wanted to say how much fun I had at the first Madison Naked Girls Reading. Good job to our ladies, I was really proud of them.

I will have to admit that this was my first experience with Naked Girls Reading. I had not been able to make it down to Chicago to see Michelle and the girls bring the masses to their knees. I figured this would be a wonderful night regardless.

I had a rather stupid moment that I will admit to here and now. One, because I hope all will get some humor out of,  and two, to  hand over some ammunition of mockery for a later time.  Have at gang, that is what I am here for!

My original idea of how the evening would go turned out to be very different than the actual scenario.  When I arrived early to go over things with the girls pre-show  I came to a rather startling and embarrassing  conclusion. There were only five chairs on stage! Two seats for our ladies from The Windy City, and three for the Madison girls who were reading. “But then where were the Madison girls suppose to sit who were not reading?!?,” I asked myself.

By this point you may have already guessed that the other girls were not to be naked at all. Oi, what a dummy. I was all ready to be naked, yet there was no getting naked for me, at least not at the show. I attempted to be smooth and run home to put on a dress, as though I understood the whole time.  Oh well next time.

Can I say I loved the amount of humor naturally placed in the show that evening? Whether it was Michelle magical poise and wit to correct an interruption of yelling from outdoors  or Babe Lincoln jumping to a standing position to yell “Boo!,” I am not sure which event was best. All around it was a very enjoyable evening.

I am greatly looking forward to December 13th for my real debut of Naked Girls Reading in Madison.  I have some wonderful winter themed and not so winter themed Fairy Tales to spill. Mind you, the not-so-winter themed for a warming up.

I would also like to thank Michelle and Franky for being the out of the box thinkers that we need to continue to inspire and create and entertain. There should be more people around like that.

Can’t wait to be taking off my clothes in their name. Here’s to it!


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