Consider This

There are a lot of people who consider things like empowerment. Our Courtesan theme challenged whether the servant is the master. Thanks, all, for considering all the possibilities.

With the selections I made, I tried to demonstrate a couple sides of power.

In The Passion Flower Hotel, by Rosalind Erskine, the list of charges for services the girls constructed seemed to connote power. The one who sets the price has the power, right?

Oui magazine! Did our lovely lady, Leah, lose her power by posing and letting those crazy writers up in the Oui HQ grasp at straws and compare her to Sherman’s attacks? Whoa! Hey, now that’s power.

I’d love to hear what you think, Midnight Cowboys. Is it or isn’t it?  I’d love to hear what you think, all the wonderful women I saw and met the night we began our Naked Reading.

Sometimes I also think that we were just enjoying the power of a beautiful tableau of Naked Ladies, and the simple aesthetic of it all, and the power of a roomful of people relaxing and reacting, and watching. We watched you, too.

I’m always trying to decide what to read at bedtime. I have about a million magazines, books, newspapers, and, well, glasses of water on my bedside table. Actually, much of it is piled on the floor. Our next theme, of course, is BedTime Stories. I’ll surprise you. Send over your faves in the meantime! I’ll write again with something random when you least expect it, but goodnight for now!


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