Courtesans, Frenchmaids and Craigslist

The first nude summit of NGR was a huge success. The evening was full of wonderful discussion and sensuality. My own reading selections, both close to my heart, were about the sex trade. The first was  about Suzy Poon-Tang, anEverliegh Club Courtesan from the early 20th century and the second were postings I’ve collected from Craigslist.  I confessed to my freakish secret obsession with skimming the Adult gigs section on Craigslist is one site that has never failed to spark my imagination the sheer diversity of postings and the variety of needs, wants, desires, and advertisements which can all be laid open at just the click of a button is fascinating to me. Oh Internet how I love you for you have opened up a whole new world of voyeuristic possibilities.

I love to toy with the idea of responding to some of these indecent e-proposals like this one for example:

Maid in lingerie wanted (Hollywood Dist.)
Date: 2009-03-03, 2:12PM PST
I would like a sexy maid to come to my house twice a month. I will not make any sexual advances I just want a hot girl wearing sexy lingerie to come over and brighten my day. This is something that is meant to be fun for both of us. I will provide you with good company, music, pay, and cocktails. I am a 27 year old man who just wants to spice some things up in my life. If you could send me some pics of you that would be great. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon. Oh yeah… be creative with an outfit to wear this should be fun for you as well.

Maid for You?
Maid for You?

I play out the fantasy in my mind. Would this be fun for me as well?  I know I have just the perfect thing to wear.  With my extra curricular activities naughty lingerie is something I have in excess. Would the John be handsome? What kind of music would he play, and would the tunes coupled with the good company be sufficient compensation. This fantasy seems like it could almost cross over into reality with the right circumstances but my rational side tells me that ultimately the reality comes with to much risk. And when I allow myself to ponder the risks they soil the fantasy. Turns out that for today anyway, I am not quite ballsy and impetuous enough to be anybody’s belle dujour. This foray has made me realize that the glamour of a courtesan may be just that. A glamour. But I’ll not close that door entirely after all I can not deny my imagination anything……

If you’d like to turn me on or just enjoy a fun writing exercise I encourage you to entice me with what your craigslist adult ad might read? Or send me an interesting link on our march topic.

And for other interesting e-links on the topic of Courtesans, Whores, Prostitutes, Sexwork etc..

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Drawings of Prostitute: the sketch project

Vanilla Slim: Improbible Pimp

Craigslist or Cheap Entertainment? Get your Jollies here.


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