December Ruminations

(originally posted 12/20/09)

When I think of fairy tales, I think less of Cinderella and Snow White and more along the lines of Neil Gaimon Stardust, Patricia McKillip and Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry. It’s sad to me that so much of the classic fairy tales have been sanitized and stripped of their guts. It all comes down to blood and death, power and carnal knowledge in the end, though Disney wouldn’t want you to know it. Fortunately, my fellow naked girls pulled out the stops and presented some classic Grimm, unadulterated Cinderella and a fantastic take on Snow White by Neil Gaimon that paints the queen in an entirely different light. It was an excellent evening, notwithstanding the visitation by a rather large bat that would have been much more in keeping with our first theme.

Coming up in February… the Food of Lust. I already have some tasty morsels selected for you. In the meantime I ponder…

Lust and food.

Food and lust.

The fuel of lust.

What fuels lust?

The warmth of a fine scotch spreading down one’s throat as the fumes envelope one’s head. A tart lemon ice on a hot summer day. The earthy aroma and flavor of leather, cigarettes and liquor that will forever be associated with some of my first and hottest kisses.


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