December special report: audience mesmerized by books, bodies, brains

(originally posted 12/20/09)

Well well well! I hope those of you who were at the December “Naked Girls Read Fairy Tales” show enjoyed it half as much as I did. While it was not my turn to be in the show this month, I did have a blast seeing what the ladies did with the theme. Okay, so there were several moments when the temptation to disrobe right there in the audience and join my fellows on stage was nearly overpowering. It didn’t help that I was the designated “naked stand-by” backup girl for the week, and had brought a stack of reading material just in case Babe Lincoln started vomiting or Moxie literally broke a leg. So there I was, poised for action, ready to unzip my dress the moment it was necessary. Fortunately, none of these disasters occurred, and I managed to contain my naked longing, sit back, and enjoy the show.

And what a show! I don’t think we’ll be forgetting anytime soon the BAT that swooped in just as April was starting her first installment of Neil Gaiman’s “Snow, Glass, Apples.” Actually, I suspect we’ll be making bat jokes until July. The story was great, too, and I’ve resolved to look more at Neil Gaiman the next time I’m groping about for reading material. I caught myself making the “old folks appreciating poetry” noise in the back of my throat at the end, at the image of the single snowflake, not melting, on the vampire Snow White’s cheek

As much as I would have loved to be up there reading, it was a treat to see the show from the other side of the coffee table, to see how much fun the ladies were having and how passionate they were about the particular stories they were bringing to share with us – all of them challenging the anesthetized fairytales most of us grew up hearing. Babe Lincoln taught us about variations on Bluebeard and female empowerment therein! Moxie Rhodes shared whimsical stories of growing cats and all the blood-and-guts of the Brothers Grimm! Octopushy got us all hot and bothered with the fanciful legend of the Zipless Fuck! Everyone laughed! By the fourth act, several of the ladies were tipsy AND IT SHOWED!

This was also my first time appreciate the visual thrill of Naked Girls Reading without stressing over my own look at the same time. I am easily mesmerized by Things Read Aloud, and yet it was always with a bit of a shock that I would realize periodically I’d been staring off into the distance … at breasts. Or the line of someone’s legs. Or someone’s stomach. Or collarbone. Or maybe I’d started absently counting tattoos or admiring accessories or wondering how Babe was managing to turn pages with those fantastic gloves on. I’m not ready to make sweeping statements about what, to me, this event means as a blur of sexuality and intellect, but I find it absolutely thrilling to be juggling these contradictions and I hope you, audience members, are having a good time of it as well.

Meanwhile, I am already foraging for material for our February installment: Food of Lust. Because I am so excited to be nakedly reading again. Anything you’d particularly like to hear? Well, say so!


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