(originally posted 12/24/09)

Whoa that was fun! All us girls were filled with naked giddy excitement as we got dressed – and undressed – in the back room at Project Lodge. Having never attended a NGR session before I helped set the place up with Mauricio and others, and got the lay of the land.

Two days before I’d gone shopping for a fun robe to wear. I went to three large retail stores before I found the perfect robe. My fiancee Woody, my ex boy friend the Russian and the Russian’s 7 year old Kay all came along. It’s an interesting feeling, modeling a robe for your fiancee and your ex. As I spun around and said, What do you think? they both stood there next to each other with two totally different looks on their faces. Kay was very interested in the whole thing. “Oh, it’s a book club,” I absently told her when she asked what I needed the robe for, completely forgetting the inherent nosiness of 7 year old girls. “We’re reading fairy tales.” “So what do you need a robe for?”
“Umm, because we all like to wear the same things.” “You’re all wearing bath robes? What are you reading? Is the other girls reading too? You should read the Little Mermaid!” she replied. “Um… well, I’m reading a version of Snow White. It’s a good story, what happens is that the evil Queen is actually a really nice lady, and when she marries the King, her step-daughter is a kind of evil vampire. Snow White is actually the bad one. And she kills her father, the King, and then the Queen wants to have her killed. She has her men-at-arms cut out her heart, but it keeps beating.” At this point her father is glaring at me in the rear view mirror. “AHEM, so, anyways, Snow White is bad.”  Safely out of those woods, I just about wiped the sweat off my head.

Later, however, she brought up the issue of the bathrobes. “So are you dressing like Snow White, is that why you’re wearing the bathrobe?” “Ye-es?” “Then I think you should wear a black wig. Your hair is too blonde to be Snow White’s!” “Well,” I said having a private joke with myself, “I AM planning on wearing red lipstick!”

The event went wonderfully. Mauricio had everything in hand, perfectly planned out, and there were no issues or last minute snaffus. Well, aside from the huge bat that swooped down almost in our hair just as I was starting an installment of Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman. I looked up from the book all, Huh? as chaos ensued. My fiancee and others were chasing after it, trying to get it to fly out the open door but the dumb thing wouldn’t, so finally he trapped it in an opening in the ceiling and taped the opening so it couldn’t interrupt us any more.

Other highlights of the night included the reading of Fear of Flying: the Myth of the Zippless Fuck. When I asked Octopushy how that fit into the Fairy Tales theme, she laughed and said, well, it’s like the idea of the perfect man and relationship. The woman is dreaming of her zipless fuck, because he doesn’t exist in real life! It’s a very clever idea, to combine that with fairy tales, and it totally fits.

In all the night was ridiculously fun, the red wine flowed, the audience ogoled and laughed and listened and had a great time: but no one had a better time than us naked girls!


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