excerpt from the Supertramp Chronicles: I may not be able to define happily ever after, but I know it when I see it.

(originally posted 12/12/09)

This one time, a long time ago, a few weeks after the rock star boyfriend thing happened*, I was in Louisville having unspeakable and totally inappropriate fun with a friend from a past life. She had been one of my first bad influences and even though we’d lost track of each other after high school, catching up was easy. I had been on the road for going-on 5 weeks with no particular destination, it was exhilarating to let my id lead the way from one town to the next, but since this was an unplanned road trip, I was almost out of money.

Well, my friend, she was a stripper at some club in town and she said if I needed to make fast money, it would be really easy for me to get some shifts and she’d introduce me to some of her regulars…it pretty much sounded perfect. We made plans to spend that night partying at the club, watching the other dancers, then first thing the next morning, all we had to do was stop at city hall to get a permit, meet with the manager in the afternoon, and I could be removing my clothing on stage in no time.

We partied at the club that night, watching the other dancers, making plans for what music I might choose, she gave me tips on workin’ it for tips…I was getting that exhilerating stomach flip that accompanies bold moves. Tomorrow was gonna be the day.

Well, long story short, a 3 AM phone call to a friend served as a reminder that I was committed to another hairbrained scheme that he and I had hatched a while back, and I had fewer than 10 hours till his flight landed in Atlanta.
Gah! I totally forgot! I re-packed my bag, tiptoed into my passed-out friend’s bedroom and tapped on her shoulder. I whispered that I forgot about something and I had to leave town.

My naked debut was just gonna have to wait.

On the road at 3:30am, a car nap in a motel parking lot over their morning check-out turnover (continental breakfast!), and by the lunch hour, I rolled into Atlanta and met my friend at baggage claim, just before he had to start wondering how long it might take me. Hugs, high-fives and we got directly to work with another grand caper that spanned across 2 weeks, 4 states, involved at least one kidnapping, and resulted in 2 tattoos.

Ten years later, I am finally getting back around to the naked debut thing.
And let me tell you, when you hear the stories that have filled those tens years, I am sure that you will agree, me and Naked Girls Reading were meant for eachother.

In making my selections for tomorrow night’s sold-out event, I reflected on happily ever after, and I how that phrase is loaded with expectations, ideals , and fantasies. It feels so appropriate to make my NGR debut in Madison on Fairy Tale night. Like the ugly duckling grew into a swan, a trashy hobag has became what she actually was all along: a Supertramp.

Octopushy Supertramp.

And I’m living happily ever after, redefining the phrase however I see fit.

Epilogue: The friend left behind in Louisville, she’s since built a new life. She’s saved, and she’s married, and as far as I can tell, very happy.

* After the rsbf weekend, i spontaneously quit my barista job (the first time I looked someone else in the eye and declared that I will decide what is best for me) and I got in my car, and I just started driving. best. decison. ever.


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