Fairy Tales – With a Twist!

(originally posted 12/11/09)

This Sunday we’ll be meeting at Project Lodge for our second ever Naked Girls Reading event, and I’ll be reading for the very first time! After last month’s event, which from all accounts went swimmingly, we’ll be moving on from scary Halloween stories to fluffy fairy princess stories – or will we?

The original Brothers Grimm fairy tales were dark, sexy, and scary. Originally made up in a darker time, when in Europe there really were deep and scary dark forests, and for all we know Baba Yaga really did ride around Russia in a hut on chicken legs, fairy tales have since been cleaned up and Disneyfied. In modern day Cinderella, there’s no cutting off of a heel to fit into the slipper, and the Prince certainly does no more to Sleeping Beauty than kiss her!

The story I’ll be reading “Snow, Glass, Apples,” is from Neil Gaiman’s short story compilation “Smoke and Mirrors.” It’s Gaiman’s take on the Snow White story – with a twist. I’ve broken it up into four parts, so it’ll be read throughout the event.

Given the fact that the H1N1 virus is floating around the University and all the kids are so freaked out about missing a lecture that they come to school coughing and sniffling and blowing their noses all around everyone else crammed into the lecture halls, it’s a miracle that I’m not sick. There’s nothing more annoying than to have some girl in red sweatpants and brown Uggs sitting behind you in lecture and coughing and blowing her nose so loudly you can’t even hear the professor. I just want to turn around and scream, “You can get notes from someone! GO HOME!”

Anyways, the point of all that was, I’m totally fit, healthy and in shape for the reading on Sunday. No scratchy throat or coughs will interrupt my readings, for you, the lucky people who get to listen to naked girls reading! See you all there!


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