Fetish? Incidental? Cast Your Vote

(originally posted 7/28/09)

Summertime is an evocative word for me.

Our Naked Girls Reading Events in May and June were getting hotter and hotter (fetish?), but also more chilled out (incidental?). I think our audiences are becoming more rapt and intrigued, and coming back to see us each month to consider what’s happening.  We’re creating a continuity.  We have a truly unique moment, and a singular memory for each event, together as audience and performers/people. We like to believe our nakedness is an attraction for everyone.  A singular attraction.  Well, we knew that going into it. That’s an attraction for us, obviously.

We use this as a tool to lure you into our world of appreciation and love and hunger for poetry, literature, beauty, (both physical and metaphysical), comedy, literary figures and ideas, personalities and motivations. The way a writer’s words sound when we read them aloud…Learning more and more and enjoying the material we compile each NGR.

Everyone in our audience is realizing how passionate and serious we are about this, our readings, our handpicked choices. (and my handpicked 60’s Playboy girls that I love to show you!). We share them and look for feedback.  For those who have attended, and those who will, the aesthetics of NGR is hard to define in words. Ironically, because that is much of what we share.

We are having personal explorations and disclosures,we are laughing, we are being serious, and since we do choose to clothe ourselves only in shoes, jewelry, headpieces, and words, I think it’s a contrast once you are here between nudity as an incidental and nudity with our chosen accessory as a fetish.

Those of you attending are as much a part of the chemistry that I described above. Now that we’ve been successfully running Naked Girls for almost 6 months it’s time I had to reflect not just on the topics I choose each month but on the whole experience.

Ok, regulars. We love to see you at your candlelit tables, drinking wine or beer, or water. We see everyone and you have to be here to know how broad and diverse our audience is.

So, those that we see each month, or a few times, or those who attended even once, or who aspire to attend,  please send over your comments on what you feel about it, why we are here, why you attend. You challenge us, excite us , and keep us going! We love to talk to you afterward in person, too, and you’ve left us with great feedback.  See you soon. Over ice cream.
Hey, Can I have an editor??


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