I Don’t Give a Damn ‘Bout My Bad Reputation

(originally posted 5/13/09)

Every little girl wants to grow up to be a rock star, right? No? Well, I did, and I still do. I love them! They are one of my main sources of inspiration for my burlesque performances. I love how they command attention and they don’t apologize for it. That’s power! That’s what I strive for when I’m on stage. It’s not sexy to apologize for being nearly naked. You must own it! Some of my favorite stars are Iggy Pop, Chris Corner, and did I mention Iggy Pop? Of course, love the ladies too…Joan Jett wins me on that one. But, the strange thing is, I have zero desire to be the front man. I’m super embarrassed to sing in front of people. Terrifying! Maybe one day I will break out my shell, but for now, I will just stick to stripping for strangers. So, if I had my way, I would love to play the drums or bass. I think I gravitate to those instruments because they are the soul of the music. I’m all about soul people. I know most of you are familiar with my burlesque doings, but I thought I would include some rocking out photos for all of you. I’m a girl with many sides. You think you’ve seen them all, but there’s so much more! luluwhip Photo By Chris Constentino for Love, Lulu Mae for L’amour Couture lovesong1 Photo by Pez from Big Sexy Show MichelleLamour_by_MarcSmith02 Photo by Marc Smith after my Joan Jett ‘Do You Wanna Touch’ performance at Lucha Va Voom opium1 With Sir Franky Vivid


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