I had a scary dream last night

(originally posted 10/9/09)

I really did. It’s about a week after we did “Naked Ghouls Reading” and I think now it’s sinking in to my head. We spoke about cemeteries, and personalities (Jekyll and Hyde…). I think if you read Michelle’s latest post you can get a feel for her thoughts on that struggle,and I thought that reading was really powerful.

Halloween, and the month of October in general, always causes me to — I don’t know. See ghosts. It’s weird. Summer is over, and the change makes me think about..I know it sounds scripted, but, really… the paranormal. Therefore, the readings I chose this month were all takes on that feeling.

I read “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He has a sad and interesting biography and was a visionary in many different ways, plus had interesting and intense relationships with his peers (I have a nice selection for you next month from one of them). He wrote Kubla Khan. He wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. He and a friend imagined an ideal democratic community in America which Coleridge coined “Pantisocracy.” No, I’m not shitting you.

He even looked at real estate in Pennsylvania, on the banks of the Susqehanna and gathered up about 12 men who needed to then procure, well, wives, to start the scheme. It didn’t happen, and he later became a conservative in politics, albeit a very philosophical one.

Anyway, the mariner’s story is one of the most iconic and haunting poems I’ve ever read.

“It is an ancient Mariner

And he stoppeth one of three.”……

“He holds them with his skinny hand

“There was a ship,” quoth he.

Oh, you must read it, or re-read it. The whole bit about him grabbing the wedding guest, stopping one of three, with his scary skinny hands, his glittering eye–  oh, the whole poem slays me and that is just the beginning.

Nick Cave’s new book, “The Death of Bunny Munro,” caused me to ponder the Halloween theme because of his description of the internal chaos in the mind of his protagonist, Bunny Munro. The experience of loss of, um, sexual enjoyment and being completely displaced within the act certainly seemed like a bit of a nightmare to me. Especially in someone who thinks about it all the time, in a depraved, fascinating way….the self-reflexivity found in this character really grabbed me. Very sick, very funny.

Michelle and I traded lines to tell the beginning of the story of Lizzie and Laura in Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market.” This narrative poem is luscious, and scary, and describes the forbidden in a way that has stuck with me always.

Oh, and I opted to “dress” with elements of some of  the iconic Man Ray photographs I love….I think it worked. I have to thank Karin Stone for helping me realize this.! Thanks!

Yikes, I really hope that the getting the creeps feelings go away. I had a good time reading this month, but I think we let something loose. I guess that’s the point.


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