I Want to be a Naked Girl

(originally posted 9/14/09)

I applaud all the girls who came and read for us. They were brave, beautiful, and blew my mind.

My intro pick was “Me and My Body”, a book for children. It is also for adults who might want to brush up on their knowledge of how our body works, inside and out,in all of its anatomical glory.  I think this choice worked out well. We all need to know what’s going on inside, too, right. In simple language. Although isn’t the correct English “My body and I”??  “My body and Me?”

The fun of having all the “Who Wants to be a Naked Girl?” girls was the stunning diversity of their reading styles and choices. Plus I got to see their bodies. The words they read sometimes were in different  languages besides English (such as Spanish and Serbian -and you know the whole mouth and tongue is employed differently in every language…) They also mined some literature for both children and adults.  Suess and Shel Silverstein, in particular.  We heard a 60’s Sears clothing catalog  description translated into Spanish. (I requested that one…enabling my fetish of vintage magazines, catalogs, language and naked girls all at once).

Send over comments with what struck you during this very special Naked Girls Reading, and why.


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