I Wish I Could Paint You

Well, I must confess bedtime is and isn’t my fave time of day. It is because it’s quiet, and night is my favourite time of day, when I feel most alive, but it’s hard to fall asleep for that very reason!

I read Margaret Wise Brown’s Little Pussycat to you, and it seemed to go over well, so thanks for enjoying. Those illustrations are priceless. To lend to that, Michelle read Ms M. Wise Brown’s Goodnight, Moon, and, as she reported, it was moving as all hell. (Well, maybe she didn’t use those exact words). It was beautiful.

Astrid turned out to be everyone’s fave Playgirl this month. That’s cool. I guess tan lines aren’t that popular, no one seemed to love Ms. Jo Collins.  I, personally, think tan lines rock.

I was proud to read Edward Hirsch’s I Wish I Could Paint You.

Thanks for supporting our nude and wonderful ventures, and, hey, any requests for the ROCK, well, I’ll listen. See you soon.


~ by ngrblogadmin on January 11, 2010.

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