Letters of Interest and Intrigue

(originally posted 11/27/09)

Hello Lovely Readers,

Since this month was all about sharing letters allow me the honor of sharing a lovely bit of correspondence I received after our Naked Girls Event this month. I was thrilled to have received it and I hope more like it will follow.


To MiMi First–

It was a singular pleasure to be read to last night by four such lovely and literate ladies. It was also a pleasure to meet you personally and talk briefly with you. I had been intending, as you requested, to make some suggestions for your future sessions, although your own tastes in literature are so impeccable that you hardly need any recommendations from me. I say this not only because of your choices last night but because of your mini-review of “Jane Eyre,” a book that I just happen to be rereading. My suggestions, if I had made them, would have been among the well-known variety, such as Beethoven’s letter to his Immortal Beloved and excerpts from Yeats’s many letters to his tormentor Maud Gonne. But as I discovered, you don’t need me. Just go to Amazon, if you haven’t already, and select your favorites from the following titles: “Love Letters of Great Men” “98 Love Letters That Will Bring You To Your Knees” “Love Letters: Everyman’s Pocket Guide” “Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion” “Love Letters: A Romantic Treasury” There are at least a dozen more, and most of them have letters from great writers. You’ll also want to regale the crowd with the story of Heloise and Abelard, a deathless romance between two brilliant minds that resulted in a castration. Lastly, there is a more recent scandal involving a literary figure that you may not have heard of. I mean Robert Olen Butler and a notorious e-mail about his wife that he sent to his students. You can find a reference at Wikipedia, which will lead you to the gory details at Gawker. Again, it was nice seeing you and your friends, and I hope to attend another salon at some point in the future. Sincerely, T___


I’m eager to go off  and check out some of these juicy letter recommendations especially those in the last paragraph. It also feels very universally human to encounter the same passions, fears, and concerns in the 21st century world as those that existed centuries before.

This month I got to visit Oscar Wilde in jail utterly bereft and simultaneously spiritually uplifted in, “De Profundis” Go ahead and bake him a cake with a file it if you wish – you’ll find him here:http://www.upword.com/wilde/de_profundis.html

They say every coin has two sides and every story certainly does as well. So I played historian, detective and snoop by comparing and contrasting Lord Byron’s and Lady Caroline Lambs letters in order to get down to the bottom of a certain mishap with a kitchen knife! Here were my sources: “Love Letters of Great Men,” collected by Ursula Doyle
The letter of Caroline to Thomas Medwin found online at:
I most especially love this excerpt, “I clasped a knife, not intending anything. ‘Do, my dear,’ he said. ‘But if you mean to act a Roman’s part, mind which way you strike with your knife–be it at your own heart, not mine–you have struck there already.”

Who in gods name could be that eloquent and that much of a rougueish prick and all at knife point!

Finally I read these as well – for a bit of light humor and also a bit of morbid humor.

Open Letters to McSweeny’s can be found here:

Stalker letters to Celebrities: culled from various online sources see the smoking gun

What a heady evening I sincerely encourage you to delve into the past by uncovering the letter, or by writing one of your own. Mail mimi a little something if you have the mind. My mail never gets stamped return to sender.

Until next week – Mimi…


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