My First Time

(originally posted 11/18/09)

My first exposure to Naked Girls Reading was, well, it was just that. Exposure as a naked girl reading.

I was a participant in So You Want To Be a Naked Girl in early September at Studio L’amour in Chicago.

The moment I heard about the NGR event I knew I wanted to do it.  I tried to engage in at the very least a perfunctory inner debate giving careful consideration to what good or what bad might come of it, blah blah blah… but it was no use. Life is a banquet and well-behaved women seldom make history.
I signed up and went about the business of selecting readings and accessories.

I was nervous, but it was that exhilarating anxiousness that always precedes a bold/reckless move. It was a familiar feeling and I relished it. When talking to friends in giddy anticipation I referred to my naked debut as a declaration of self-acceptance; not only acceptance of my body (who doesn’t struggle with this in one way or another?), but also acceptance of my mind. Lately I have really been put through the academic ringer, and I have always sort of felt a bit out of my element in higher education. Oddly, though, for all the insecurities I may have regarding my body and my intellect, I have always felt very comfortable and competent expressing my erotic voice. So really, NGR and I were meant for each other.

So You Want To Be a Naked Girl was an evening framed as a cheeky spin on American Idol. There were 8 ladies signed up to read naked. A few of them were taking classes at Studio L’amour, there was one experienced solo burlesque artist, and a handful of women like me who were drawn to it either because it just felt right or because it was there.
We would each read a selection of our own, then we would be given a passage to cite read, and we’d each be asked one interview question. At the end of the evening the audience would text in their votes and the winner would receive fabulous prizes and supreme naked bragging rights. I was lucky to have a lot of supporters in the audience, friends from both Chicago and Madison, but the competition took a back seat to the camaraderie between the 8 contestants that evening, first in our collective anxiousness and later for the satisfaction we all shared after disregarding our fears.

I chose to read a few excerpts from The Technique of the Love Affair, by A Gentlewoman. At the time of its original publication (mid/late 1930s) it was too scandalous for the author to use her real name, but she was later revealed to be Doris Langly Moore. Its a how-to manual, sort of like The Rules (which I have not read), except in The Technique the goal is not to hook a man and try to reel him in for life, rather the objective is to conduct successful successive love affairs. (*in this case successful means having fun in the relationship and parting on the best terms possible.) But if that glimpse into the flapper sexual revolution wasn’t fascinating enough, The Technique is presented as a philosophical dialogue similar to Plato’s Socratic Dialogues but here the discussion takes place between a sexually  experienced woman and an innocent women. It’s a great read. I stumbled on an annotated edition that was released years ago, way back when the Supertramp was just an ambitious hobag looking for naughty influences.

I felt great about my reading and I really enjoyed hearing all the other naked girls’ reading selections. At the end of the evening, the votes were texted in and tabulated and the winner was announced (congratulations Sophie Minx!), and I knew I was hooked.

Earlier this month, NGR made its debut here in Madison and it was completely embraced by the audience. I was a spectator that evening but I was so excited I could barely keep my clothes on! We were also happy to have NGR creator, Michelle L’amour, and Greta Layne, one of Chicago’s resident Naked Girls, join us that night to make the debut extra special. Thank you so much for your support, Madison, and congratulations to the local ladies who made their naked reading debut that night.

I am already looking forward to the next NGR event: Naked Girls Read Fairy Tales which will be on Sunday, December 13th. Go to Naked Girls Reading or join our NGR-Madison Facebook group to learn more and to make your reservation right away.

Would you like to recommend some reading material to your local Naked Girls? Are you dying to hear your favorite fairy tale read by Octopushy Supertramp? I would love to hear your suggestions, post them here or send them to


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