She’s got it Bad…

(originally posted 8/2/09)

lake at dusk

lake at dusk

Lately Naked Mimi has been having a severe case of FOMO – for those of you who aren’t familiar the term, FOMO is the “Fear of Missing out!” I have it often actually. It started long ago when my best friends down the block would come over to play and the adults supervising playtime would be shocked that they constantly had to remind me to take a lunch break or a potty break. I would have none of it! Didn’t they know that while I was in the bathroom I could be missing out on a great tickle fight, or a new made up song, or I could end up stuck with the ugly Barbie whose hair had all been cut off by my lil brother?

There are all sorts of things in life that one can miss out on and among the many things to be sure not to miss evenings with the naked girls reading literature and chatting rank high! Woe is Mimi, I’ll miss two! The freedom themed NGR and the ice cream social NGR and isn’t it always the case with FOMO that your imagination exaggerates until you’re convinced that there were practically miracles performed while you were away. Speaking of miracles I’m sure I missed a few. The divinity in each beautiful and bared naked breast and the breathy fragility and strength in simply reading aloud the things that move you. For me those are every day re-affirmations of a faith I hold in the beauty of women. So yeah I’m sure I missed out but…..

The only practical cure for FOMO is to focus on the moment and to remind yourself that while you may have missed one spectacular thing you participated in one equally wonderful one. The choices we make are what make us. Right now I’m making some personal choices to take some much needed time off to be with family under the biggest of big skys and surrounded by mountains older than civilizations. I’ve been in Montana. I’ve been doing lots of hugging, reflecting, reading, motorcycle riding, I’ve even found some time to enjoy a bit of naked time on my own. I walked up to the lake at the ranch at dusk and swam naked at the foot of the Beartooth mountains for no other audience then some surprised fish and the setting sun. Now that I’m talking about it I feel pretty at peace and even more so when I remind myself that I will bring that new peace to the September NGR! Michelle L’amour was sharing the concept for September with me and it sounds amazing. If bared breasts are your religion too then be prepared for some new things to meditate on. I can’t wait to see you all there. September 4th the church of naked 😉 you know where it is – I’ll see you there.

Very Best from Mimi in Montana


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