The Nuances of Nudity and Nabokov

(originally posted 11/13/09)

I am honored to join the ranks of the sexy brainy uninhibited Naked Girls Reading: Madison Chapter! When my friend Kat first told me about Naked Girls Reading I was initially interested and  flattered, then nervous, then excited, then creative, then hungry (as several hours had gone by at this point), and then interested and flattered again!

Our theme for the month of December (taking place on December 13th- don’t forget!) will be fairy tales, and there have been SO many ideas bouncing around this super-excited head as a result of this theme. I’m at the moment re-reading “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman for selections to choose from. One of my all-time favorite Neil Gaiman short stories, “The Price,” is a strong contendor, as are several of the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales out of “Grimm’s Grimmest.” There is also a story that I’ve loved ever since I ran across it as a teenager in one of those “Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction” anthologies concerning a man trapped in the shape-shifting, immortal body of a unicorn and the unfortunately mortal prince who become his lover.

If I could, if we had the time, or patience, or a throat that wouldn’t give out after two straight hours, I would read Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” in its entirety. Oh, well.

As the manager of Dr. Sketchy’s Madison, I understand the draw, the wonderful rapport between an intellectual pastime such as literature or art, and the beauty of a naked person’s  body! Once a month my cohort Nic, myself, and a lovley model spend several hours at the High Noon Saloon engaged in our artistic endeavors with a group of fun-loving talented artists drinking, drawing, and debautching!

I hope that my first time reading at the Project Lodge goes swimmingly; happily I know all the girls who will be there and even some of the audience members!

If anyone has any suggestions for a specific fairy tale goes, for me to read, feel free to comment and submit suggestions!

Be seeing you soon (Although you will certaily be seeing more of me than I will of you!)


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