To Be Honest

(originally posted 6/18/09)

On June 12, 2009, me and the Naked Girls read you poetry.  Poetry is a daunting subject but I feel that it was made accessible that evening.  I really think that poetry must be read aloud in order to feel all the nuance of the language and the rhythm (of course, being naked doesn’t hurt).  I knew that after that event, I had to write this blog.  I felt pressure because I wasn’t really sure what to say about it all, but after a discussion I was having this morning, I had a realization:  in order for a poem to be good, it must be honest.  I say this about my own art form, dance and striptease, but I didn’t make that connection to poetry until this morning.  Sometimes, things just need to marinate a little bit in my head before I make a connection. Honest poetry is so vulnerable and naked.  I know that we were physically naked, but that isn’t daunting to me, but if you told me to write a poem right now, I would be really nervous.  I have such an appreciation for people who can express themselves honestly in writing.  Even writing this blog is a stretch for me.  I don’t keep a journal because writing makes me feel nervous and I’m too judgemental of myself to allow myself to be honest in writing.  Strangely though, I can do it physically thru dance.  Interesting how that works, isn’t it?  I also feel uncomfortable with writing because it’s so permanent!  I can change a dance on the spot, or in the future, to more accurately express myself, but once you write something, it’s done.  Wow, look at me, just had another realization. So, now, I urge you to have your own realizations.  How is it that you can express yourself with honesty?


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