Films get under my skin

There were a lot of temptations with our “Naked Girls Go to the Movies” Theme! Not one of which was the red sharpee. Ah, you know what I mean. 2002’s Secretary (dir. Steven Shainberg) is a sublimely motivated film. Greta Layne and I read from one of the scenes, with Greta first providing a landscape in the form of a brief analysis of the film. A behind the scenes of our behind the scenes…We rehearsed and brainstormed backstage at the Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival and had it down in  There’s chemistry for you.  We knew right away who would portray Lee Holloway, who would be E. Edward Grey. A bonus discovery: Steven Shainberg’s birthday is Feb 5th, the date “Naked Girls Go to the Movies 2010!”  That seemed to be a good fit.

I chose also to throw to our dear audience some Film Facts  (Guinness Film Facts and Feats by Patrick Robinson.). First Feature length Sci Fi movie….Nordisk’s “A Trip To Mars” (Den 19). Involves prerequisite trip to Mars, with the hero encountering a “peaceable, high-minded Scandinavian-type people, (vegatarian) wearing “flimsy, flowing robes.” A romance, and a new order ensues.  I then jumped to “Sex on Screen” firsts (of course), and we were able to count on several French filmakers from the 1890’s to portray various lovemaking and disrobing scenarios. I even found the origins of La Puce, the striptease act originating in the Paris music halls showing a maiden afflicted with a flea. She of course has to remove all her garments one by one to locate the offending insect. (Our modern day Trixie Little does an absolutely genious routine with this theme that is a delight to behold).  Back to the Films… Nudity on Screen came next, and it turns out in one week in October 1916 two movies with female leads appearing nude were released -Daughter of the Gods and The Ragged Princess. Our own Michelle L’amour told us all about the Hays code in her readings this month, and these films were of course released far before then. I loved the imagery of Daughter of the Gods…filmed on location in Jamaica, a nymph-like figure…Classic images! They swirl around us, always…..   All the girls did some Badass monologues….I read the narration from Fight Club. Rules. Rule No. 2: Don’t talk about Fight Club. Rule no 2. : Don’t talk about Fight Club.

I find Hollywood to be extremely haunting… My girl of the month is also the victim of an unsolved murder, and in my eyes one of the many examples of that haunted Hollywood.  The true story of Elizabeth Short, known also as Black Dahlia, says it all, so I read a passage from the James Ellroy’s The Black Dahlia, the novel based on the story. (and a sneaky little tie in to our Pulp Fiction brunch theme in January..).   Ahh….The Black Dahlia really examines all the layers of Hollywood lore for me- the seedy neighbourhoods, the dive bars, the real people/working man/self-made man elements, mixed in with the transients and the searchers who come in and out from the “small towns”, all these towns purported to be boring as all hell. Then of course we’ve got the juxtaposition of the day to day boredom and obsession of the detectives on the Black Dahlia case (first boredom, then obsession of who is this girl, what happened, an obsession not so far removed from the abstract obsession of the wanna be stars, or the obsession to escape the “small town life”. The grid of Hollywood bungalows. Hollywood is so transient; I’m haunted by it.

Ah, don’t want to leave on an eerie note….We’ll do an Old Tyme Radio show March 12th!!!….


~ by dominiquetrixx on February 13, 2010.

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