You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

I have to say that one of the most memorable moments of my life was reading the Christian Bale rant naked to a room of strangers.  There’s something very gratifying about saying ‘FUCK’ loudly while naked.  You should try it.  Really relieves a lot of stress and is very comedic.  To aid you in this, I’m including the transcript below.  This is good stuff people.


Christian Bale: Am I going to walk around and rip your ——- lights down, in the middle of a scene? Then why the —- are you walking right through? Ah-da-da-dah, like this in the background. What the —- is it with you? What don’t you ——- understand? You got any ——- idea about, hey, it’s ——- distracting having somebody walking up behind Bryce in the middle of the ——- scene? Give me a ——- answer! What don’t you get about it?

Shane Hurlbut: I was looking at the light.

Bale: Ohhhhh, goooood for you. And how was it? I hope it was ——- good, because it’s useless now, isn’t it?

Hurlbut: OK.

Bale: —– sake man, you’re amateur. McG, you got ——- something to say to this prick?

Director Joseph ‘McG’ McGinty Nichol: I didn’t see it happen.

Bale: Well, somebody should be ——- watching and keeping an eye on him.

McG: Fair enough.

Bale: It’s the second time that he doesn’t give a —- about what is going on in front of the camera, all right? I’m trying to ——- do a scene here, and I am going “Why the —- is Shane walking in there? What is he doing there?” Do you understand my mind is not in the scene if you’re doing that?

Hurlbut: I absolutely apologise. I’m sorry, I did not mean anything by it.

Bale: Stay off the ——- set man. For —– sake. Alright, let’s go again.

McG: Let’s just take a minute.

Bale: Let’s not take a ——- minute, let’s go again.

Bale: I’m going to ——- kick your ——- ass if you don’t shut up for a second! All right?

Unknown voices: Christian, Christian. It’s cool.

Bale: I’m going to go… Do you want me to ——- go trash your lights?

Do you want me to ——- trash ’em? Then why are you trashing my scene?

Hurlbut: I’m not trying to trash your scene.

Bale: You are trashing my scene!

Hurlbut: Christian, I was only…

Bale: You do it one more ——- time and I ain’t walking on this set if you’re still hired. I’m ——- serious. You’re a nice guy. You’re a nice guy, but that don’t ——- cut it when you’re ——- around like this on set.


I hope this therapy session has been helpful for you.  Now, if you have a chance, go to youtube and listen to Bale doing the rant.  He’s got a really great ‘FUCK’.  It’s full of English spit and venom.  Yes, I’m totally aware of the ridiculousness of the last sentence, but it’s true.  Hear for yourself.


~ by michellelamour on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry”

  1. He really is a worthless lazy prick. He’ll never live that down in a union town like Hollywood. Good. What a little pussy.

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