Hello My Name Is Tanya Cheex and I’m a Naked Girl!

  Hi I’m Tanya Cheex from Toronto’s burlesque troupe, Skin Tight Outta Sight and on Mar.7th we launched our first Naked Girls Reading event  at The Painted Lady in Toronto. We were super lucky to have it’s lovely creator, Michelle L’amour join us. I really had some “fears” about participating in NRG, which I wrote all about in my own blog, “Rhinestones and Whiskey”. You can read all about that here: http://rhinestoneswhiskey.blogspot.com/2010/02/pervy-prose.html

  Once fear subsided, I became excited planning stories with fellow Skin Tight Outta Sight gal, Honey B. Hind. We enlisted the help of Naked News anchors Christine Kerr and Katherine Kurtis. Honey wanted to read anonymous fables. Christine, Edward Gorey, Katherine, the hot nerd, wanted to read David Sedaris. I should mention that the proposed theme was “Bedtime Stories”. I was going to read the  early 19th  Century cautionary tales known as “Der Struwwelpeter”- translates roughly as “Shockheaded Peter”. I owned a German edition and had a hell of a time procuring the English translation.

 Michelle L’amour drove Franky Vivid and I back to Toronto from the Grand Burlesque Show in Montreal, where she performed. Yes, Michelle drove us to her own gig ! This hardworking showgirl is still paying her dues. Listen up neophytes! My fear being entirely naked was soon replaced by reading aloud in public! Oh that old school age fear. I hadn’t read too much in public since I was a Christian camp counsellor (yes, you read that right!). Honey is an actress, the Naked News gals are anchors of course and Michelle, well she founded the bloody thing!  I got some good coaching from Franky and felt  little better.

 Arriving in Toronto with no time to spare, I packed my bag, which seemed very full for a naked girl. At The Painted Lady, I met up with Sexy Mark Brown who was to be our host for the evening. He was going for a literary snob a la Alistair Cook. He had a few name suggestions scribbled on paper.  One name was “Jarvis”. I liked that and suggested “Lansdowne”. Jarvis Lansdowne, two of the more dubious streets in downtown Toronto and proved to be a hilarious choice for our oratory foil. While we were playing around with his name, Michelle was getting interviewed by a Naked News anchor, nude of course. I made a shocking observation to Franky. Michelle, so confident in her nudity appeared to be wearing an outfit! How is this possible? The woman is bloody naked and could make a ” Best Dressed List”!  I was in trouble!

  The Painted Lady packed up nice and cozy, we prepared to disrobe behind a screen. My knees knocked. I had a fox stole for security. After Franky’s introductory intro, Jarvis Lansdowne announce us all. I’m off to the races with a toss of my robe!  Once I sat down, I felt ok but yes all eyes were on us!  We took turns reading the anonymous fables like “The Goose and The Golden Egg”. The audience was eating this up, thank god! I didn’t stutter too much, I thought. This fox stole is getting too hot!  I read my horrible fateful stories like, “The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the Matches”. The audience though it was hilarious. I approached my recitation  like reading to the adult babies when I was  dominatrix- I was never a nice mother!

 By the time Michelle read her ultra steamy selections from “Delta Of Venus”, my stole was gone and I was truly having a good time with the audience, they sat transfixed in an entirely different way than our burlesque shows.  Michelle and Franky had called the NRG series “magical”. Me, with typical scepticism thought, “Magical, like what? Unicorns?” I got it now. It was magical like spellbinding like when a mother hypnotizes a restless child to sleep by reading “Good Night Moon” ( we all took turns reading this at the closing). The nudity gave us all  primal archetype feel like a witches’ coven. It created a place of  intimacy like nothing I ever before encountered in my various lines of  work. I’m planning NRG events for the rest of the year. Due to popular demand it’s going monthly! The next one is “Banned Books”. My reading list is completed and I won’t give it away! I will inform you of its date and I will see you all there NAKED!

 Thank-you Michelle & Franky!


1.The Dog and The Pitcher- Anonymous

2.The Fox and The Stork

3. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg- Anonymous

4.The Dog and The Shadow- Anonymous

5. The Husband Who Was To Mind The House- Anonymous

6. Why The Sea Is Salt- Anonymous

7. Me Talk Pretty One Day- David Sedaris

8. Der Stuwwelpeter- Dr.Heinrich Hoffman 

9 The Insect God- Edward Gorey

10. Delta of Venus- Anais Nin

11. Goodnight Moon- Margaret Wise Brown

  For more photos go here : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=387709&id=635925602&l=8d53e05a10


~ by tanyacheex on March 9, 2010.

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