Cabin Fever: Cured

Cabin Fever, yeah, this Supertramp has had it bad.

Winter was so cold, I had to wear clothes almost every day. Terrible. Thank goodness I was able to keep warm by preparing my selections for Naked Girls Cure Cabin Fever.  It turned out to be a very hot night indeed.

I started off with an excerpt from Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer. A little homage from Supertramp to Supertramp. I chose to read from the chapter where Krakauer seeks to understand McCandless’ (aka Alexander Supertramp) motives by examining his own experience on an ill-conceived solo mountain climb in his mid 20’s. Although I didn’t set out to conquer the literal wilderness as Christopher McCandless did, I was similarly driven to push limits recklessly. I did so in part to explore and initiate growth, and in part for the incredible thrill of living dangerously. Like Krakauer,  I look back and marvel at the huge balls it took to be so brazenly reckless. And like Krakauer, with hindsight I recognize that the fact that I survived relatively unscathed is more a function of chance than any savvy on my part.

My second selection was from Judevine, by David Budbill. This is a book written as a series of poems about the people of Judevine, a small poverty stricken town in Vermont. Among the citizens of Judevine are Tommy Stames, a Vietnam veteran who was never quite the same, and Grace a lonely, bitter woman. These two isolated imperfect people, each the object of gossip and malicious rumors, found each other and loved each other despite of and because of all that was wrong with them. Tommy wrote 13 poems for Grace, of which I read four. They are lyrical and tender and truly raw with honesty about battling unnamed demons while trying to open your heart to the possibility of love and acceptance.

For my final selection of the evening, I wanted to turn up heat and lighten the mood with a steamy selection from Cabin Fever by Marilyn Pappano, a straight up juicy romance novel. Classic! I’ll just quote from the book’s back cover to explain why this selection was so spectacular: “Newly sprung from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Chase is liking life alone in his rented cabin just fine. Until the red-head with lush curves and her young daughter arrive to throw what’s left of his life into maddening chaos. With her tantalizing neighborly ways, Nolie is slowly scorching her way into his guarded heart.” There was much heaving and quivering, and I found it quite challenging to maintain my naked dignity while trying to speak in Chase’s deep, sexy, sweet-talkin’, going-three-years-without-getting-any-booty voice, but somehow I managed to get through it.

So yes, Cabin Fever was pretty much hilarious nasty fun, a great way for me to lay my cabin fever to rest. Now this Supertramp is looking forward to exploring the birds and the bees…


~ by osupertramp on March 23, 2010.

One Response to “Cabin Fever: Cured”

  1. Exquisite Miss Supertramp! Well done.

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