The Makings of a Naked Year

This March marked the one year anniversary of Naked Girls Reading…and what a year it’s been!!   I feel absolutely blessed to be a Naked Girl and part of something that is truly magical.  Thank you for making this so special for us!

While this is the one year anniversary for NGR, it isn’t exactly MY one year anniversary for being a Naked Girl.  Mind you, I was in attendance for the first two, but didn’t actually become a Naked Girl until May 2009.  That month, my world changed. 

I wasn’t really nervous about getting up naked in front of a crowd, nudity has never really been an issue in my life.  I was a little nervous about the reading, but honestly, not too bad….I’ve had my fair share of public speaking.  That month we celebrated music in all of its glory.  What’s there to really be nervous about, right?  Let me tell you what did it for me – reading the lyrics to Wyclef Jean’s song “Perfect Gentleman”.  Now here’s the thing, there’s nothing  grotesque or vulgar in the lyrics to that song.  It’s nothing profound or intellectual that will change the way you view things.  For me, however, I ROCKED OUT to that song while I was driving alone in my car…constantly.  Singing along at the top of my lungs, putting on a full-out concert for anyone that happened to look my way while it was playing.  And I couldn’t stop myself, it’s just too catchy and fun.  THAT was what terrified me – the idea of me getting up to read the lyrics but instead start (because I was so used to it) rapping it in front of a crowd of total strangers.  While I was able to keep my bad-ass rapping skills in check, it was still a ridiculously funny performance.  For those of you that were there, I hope you look back at that moment as fondly as I do.

From that point on, I’ve had many experiences that few people can really say that they’ve shared in.  Such as making and serving ice cream naked for about 60 people for our Erotica & Ice Cream Social…aahh…such splendid memories!!  I’ve had the privilege of joining Michelle L’amour to help open up the Madison chapter of NGR.  I mean, really, how many people can you name that have driven to another state to take of their clothes, read naked to a crowd of people, and then pack up to trek back home at 1:00am?  It was also with great pleasure that I read a letter by the Zodiac Killer for our Halloween show.  You do realize what the extent of  my knowledge in serial murder is, right?  No?  Well, trust me, being able to do that was a dream come true.  And then last month’s movie theme?  Yeah, pretty nice, huh? 

I feel blessed to have been able to bring to the table things that I’ve read over the years that have made me laugh, brought me to tears, changed how I looked at things, or merely kept me entertained for a few hours. I enjoy being able to share these things and I love when I see that “Oh yeah!” moment of recognition from someone in the audience.  Thank you for helping to celebrate in an amazing Naked Year!!



~ by Greta Layne on March 25, 2010.

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