Presented by Roma Wines!

Port is Heavenly While listening to a Radio Show

I have to say….it’s the one year anniversary of Naked Girls Reading, and the first time we stepped behind our dressing/undressing screen, took off our robes, and revealed our.. selves….it was like jumping out of an airplane (with a parachute..well, maybe for NGR it felt like without a parachute..!). But then…aaaah, the parachute has been our audience… (sweet.) Our parachute was the guts it took to become Naked Girls Reading, and the beauty and power it has to grow and sustain itself.

Really, though, you, the audience, constantly amaze me. Every single show that we do is different, not just in theme but in every way. I think there is a definite magic in NGR. Our theme for March 12 (remember that date, it comes back later) was Old Tyme Radio Show. We explored and had a great time digging up incredible examples from the era, and it took on a life of its own.

We performed the iconic “The War of the Worlds” and I have to say, I began to get so involved in reading it I scared myself. Orson Welles took H.G. Wells and shook it up so bad the original radio audience quaked. The story resonates even today, and continues to sound shocking. I think it’s possible we forgot we were naked. (No, we didn’t…). Did you? (ha ha).

We had a lot of fun with how the sponsors of these radio shows were announced. During our rendition of the “Suspense” drama “The Dark Tower”,  lovely and ambitious Roma Wine was the sponsor. “Roma Wines. Made in California for Enjoyment Throughout the World.” You may know that Relaxing and Drinking Fine Wine, (or any wine… ok!) is one of my favourite things to do. (not uncommon, I know). However, the mystique of Roma wines especially piqued my interest.  The deliciously dated copy provided a lot of laughs, and, as I am the queen of tangents, I looked up Roma wines.  It was established in 1915, in California. Apparently they became one of the world’s largest and most modern winery of its time, and in 1942 was acquired by  Schenley Industries, who expanded the brand even further. Ah, What better place to promote than the radio shows of 40’s! hmm, this article also says most of the Roma wines now are bottled in the exclusive Roma dripless bottle…now…hey. I need to get a hold of this!….Ok, here’s the deal. Roma invented the World’s First Dripless Bottle, “the first major improvement in a wine bottle in a century!” according to the ad in The Palm Beach Post, March 12, 1954.  (Port ad shown above is from 1951). Yes, 56 years to the day before we did our Old Tyme Radio show, it seems the Dripless Bottle was – unveiled.

I thought back to the days where the family gathered around to listen to the radio programs, and how we were honoring it by subverting it, in true Naked Girls Style. Hey, we even went on a limb and attacked a few Abbott and Costello bits.

By the way, in case you are worried about your BYO wine bottle dripping at our next Studio L’amour event — which is “Under The Influence” on Fri, April 9th. Although wine may not be your main mind altering choice for this theme, I’ll sure you’ll want it on hand. So, Don’t forget your Drop Stop pour spouts… that is a shiny, silvery type tunnel thing which you can pour your wine through –  Which goes back to The War of the Worlds….well, you had to be there.



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