Crossing the Line (again)

What is harder than being naked in front of a room full of people reading your favorite fiction? For me, that would be reading the word “cunt” in front of all those people. At the last show, Naked Girls Cure Your Cabin Fever, I broke new ground personally and pulled out all the stops with an excerpt from the book Erotic Travel Tales entitled “Europa“. I’ve had this fabulous bit of erotica on my night stand for some time and have quite enjoyed reading it to myself. My overarching theme related to curing cabin fever was travel so I thought “Why not spice it up with this delectable bit of phone-sex-esque travel porn?” Why not indeed. During the weeks of preparation leading up to the show I admit that I blushed while practicing it aloud. Never before had I felt this jittery about reading aloud, naked or clothed, to an audience. I, who take pride in being sexually open, who was positively influenced by Annie Sprinkle and Susie Bright at a young age, was nervous about reading something so explicit in public. Just goes to show that the theory and the reality of being that open are sometimes not quite the same.

I needn’t have worried, however. After 3 sets of fabulous readings the audience was relaxed and enjoying themselves and quite vocal in their response to and appreciation for the readings. I was thrilled with their reaction to my excerpt from “A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again” by David Foster Wallace. One of my all time favorite funny assays, it was delightful to again experience it for the first time through the response of the audience that night.

Then it was time for Erotic Travel Tales, and I boldly read the story, juicy wet cunts and all, and I loved it! I loved reading it and sharing it with others and getting past the inhibitions that made me nervous about sharing something so fun and lovely with others.


~ by isabeaumadison on April 8, 2010.

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