A poem I read at Under the Influence on April 9 from The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber.  Imagine the dance while reading this…


(The Dances of Depravity, Horror, and Ecstasy)

Danced by Anita Berber, Music by Spoliansky

A crystal piercing cry

A delicate sound

And singing

Poems by Verlaine

And the old culture

Not body

Not flesh

Not womb

Yet creation

Only piercing


Crystal-clear cry


And gondolas


And Java

Strange flowers

And greenhouse plants

Painted people

And listless sounding bells

So far

So distant



And old baroque chair

Finest damask

But worn-out and torn

And then hands


Which are like make-up flowers

That grow in empty space

And fill it

They fold

And stretch

And cling

And they desire and demand

The slender


Throat of a boy’s bloodless head

It is rolling on the floor this head

It stares deathly pale at the cosmic being

And shrieks with scornful laughter

at the mortal worlds

Poison soars from blue hazy circles

It crawls like snakes

White snakes with silver crowns…

It purrs like panthers


Velvety soft panthers

And it smiles

Like sphinxes

Palely made up

Painted white

Mysteriously smiling sphinxes

It is a painting

This is the Mona Lisa

And there was a Master

He was Leonardo da Vinci

And the deadly yellow-green poison

covers everything

Yet her cry pierces


Like a bird

And the sound clinks and rattles

A baroque chair with hands


~ by michellelamour on April 16, 2010.

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