Naked Girls Read Rock (part 2) The B SIDES

So I kicked off the party last week with a description of  “How to Party like a Rockstar” Which was sort-of a Heloise’s un-helpful hints for bad hangovers, more than a few regrets, and  possibly some serious long-term health issues. So follow the recipe at your own risk. And for those more pragmatic and frugally minded would be rock-stars who prefer to keep the training wheels on here’s some hints from Lifehacker on how to get in free for shows. My personal advice on how best to enjoy music for free is WRITE!! Two words, Press Pass! This is how I experienced many shows when I was too broke to do so any other way. It is because of this that I will give a personal shout out to * and * thanks for the memories which I lived entirely thanks to my boyfriends press pass and his wonderful take on each show we saw together for a full two years.

I think my favorite share of the evening was prompting a game I discovered on McSweeney’s website. A little something called Rock and Roll Thesaurus:

I tried my own hand at it with “Brown Sugar” which ended up being titled “mahogany Glucose” ha ha ha, common that is a little bit funny. It would amuse me to great lengths if you readers would consider possibly playing the game and posting your results. Just take an excerpt from a song you know and love and grab a thesaurus then plug alternate words in as substitutes for the actual lyrics. It’s great fun for music geeks.

One book I picked up this week and devoured. Was “Our Band could be your life” by   Michael Azerrad. This book is so refreshingly free of the music industry jargon and instead it’s chalk full of character studies from many bands of the 80’s and 90’s taking you through the formation of the bands, explaining what made them tick, detailing the roller-coaster of their rise and occasionally their decline. It’s clearly written by someone who has the subject at heart. I was talking to Dominique Trixx – who remembers working with a number of people in the book and knows the author. She has her own personal memories of that not so distant era in music history. It was originally my plan to use this book as a spring-board to get her to share some of that fabulous personal history with us all but we ran out of time. So throw her a line if you’re curious about her amazing rock-n-roll lifestyle. Cause if you ask me despite an protestations she may make to the contrary she’s still living it! I can’t wait to take her out to the Rainbow Bar sometime this month ply her with liquor and get her to re-hash some of the dirt for Me. Because just as much as the music I love a good insider rant.

Then I read about GROUPIES:

I’m with the Band – Pamela De Barres. Now while this can tend to read like a 13 year olds diary with the sparkly unicorn stickers on the cover. It’s also an interesting first hand account of the GTO’s who really pioneered the groupie movement and did it as a community of women even if they were going gaga for a bunch of men and perhaps getting into a bit of as they put it “dehumanization.” The fab 5 of girly freaks and fans still clearly had a great deal of admiration for one-another and a nearly saccharine sense of the sunny side of what could often be a very dark scene. Miss Pamela in particular was also self-possessed of voice and a genuine zany-ness that make her a great character study today. I mean she didn’t just touch herself to pictures of rock gods as a horny teen – she made them want her and in the process even helped shape and influence them in ways they may not even have realized at the time.

Also I discovered that whoa!!! Cynthia the Plaster Caster Lives in CHICAGO!!! which means so does her epic collection of rock-n-roll-cock!

I also read from this months issue of Bust Magazine,

My night with Elvis

And I think that about sums up the path I took through rock though there is so much more we could have discussed. It all ended of course with us naked girls playing Guitar hero!

For those curious L’amour pretty much shredded the lot of us. Which makes sense given that she has timing down to a fine art.

Until next time –

Mimi First


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