With love bites , from…

Dominique Trixx: The Vampire Chronicles

soooo….I admit I like bites on the neck, but as far as fetishes go, I have a new fetish for reading vampire  lore. It’s just plain…fun. For our June theme, we had a bit of a ball reading everything from Bram to Buffy.  I spent a lot of time reading tales and tales of vampires to prepare for this one! I read a bit of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, and opted to read aloud a part of the book in which our heroine stabs and kills a few Strigoi with a stake. Who knew there was a school just for Vampires and the like in the woods of Montana?

Bram Stoker started the whole thing, inadvertantly, I think, by exploring the paranormal and occult in his Dracula. Unfortunately his other works are not remembered as well, which just goes to show you the power of an iconic idea. It happened a bit to Robert Louis Stevenson, too….Bloody Hell!

Back to Bram, though, I have to say he outdid himself by creating a myth that has outdone ITself many times over.

Lynn Messina took up the cause and turned Louisa May Alcott’s story around, adding Vampire wherever she could. Little Vampire Women, that is. So I grabbed onto that one and read the Christmas scene.

As I write this blog I am being chased vigorously by a blood seeking mosquito, and just weathered a pretty impressive thunderstorm… Truly, though, as beautiful and erotic as vampire stories get, I think ultimately they are pretty great excuses to cling on to something and imagine that is not within our power or understanding.

–Dominique Trixx


~ by dominiquetrixx on June 22, 2010.

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