Dorothy Parker and the Artistic Curse

Dominique Trixx —  I focused! That’s what independent women do to get the job done! I decided to spend this month’s theme on one person, Dorothy Parker. I read Big Blonde, her award winning short story. Between the wits and the wisecracks, Dorothy Parker led a tough life with tears and torment. In spite of what I’ll call… ummm – the “artistic curse”,  she achieved much and impacted the literary world, for both (all) sexes.

I read from a hardcover Viking Portable Library copy that was published while she was still alive. I found it. After she was alive.    Where I found it will remain a secret…(sorry..!!).  I will tell you this- it was a copy from the Pioneerland Library System in Minnesota.  That’s appropos, right?   (and, no, I didn’t Steal This Book, Abbie Hoffman…so I didn’t Fuck the System. Especially when it was the Pioneerland System…Jeez..!)..Argh!! ok.  not all independent woman are perfectly focused, but digressions are my fetish.

Big Blonde is biting and hard. (not a particularly wanted combo, as you know).  The story reflects a time and place we hope women have left behind. That being said, Parker’s use of language is such a delight, so the story is savory and great to read aloud, and I read the first part in three sections throughout the night. There is an optimism in this first part of the story despite all-  I know it.  That’s one of Parker’s talents, the way she implies.  Dorothy Parker was,  in her time,  one of the few or even only women to actually have her work published in a Viking Portable Library- (Lucky for those in Pioneerland- wonder what they must have thought about the big city mentality and ways?)    Main Street, anyone?   Big Blonde won Parker the O. Henry Award for exceptional short stories.

Which leads me to our own award. We already have submissions for the Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors. Keep them coming, we are really excited!

Independent Women was a great theme and the night was moving, fun, funny….We read the pilot episode of Golden Girls, and it was…a hoot.

—-Dominique Trixx


~ by dominiquetrixx on July 29, 2010.

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