[TORONTO] Naked Girls Reading Rock- Nov.14th

We will

We will

Rock You…


“Rockin’ Naked Girls Reading ‘bout Rock N Roll!”

See the gals from Skin Tight Outta Sight like you never have before…reading aloud! Oh and by the way did we forget to mention? They’re NAKED! November’s literary soiree, honors the spirit of Rock n’ Roll, featuring ‘The Dirt’ from Motley Crue, ‘Hammer of the Gods’ by Led Zeppelin and more! Where else can you have twisted tales the devils music read to you naked? Yes, this edition of Naked Girls Reading cranks the volume on your amp to…11!

Naked Girls Reading (NGR) started in the USA just last year, and has sold out in Chicago, Seattle, New York City and other cities. Entertainment Weekly said, “Great literature stripped bare!” The Globe and Mail (July 21, 2010) said, “Burlesque turns a page – the girls pick up a book.” You may come for the nudity but you will stay to hang on every word! Hosted by ‘Dude Looks like a Lady’ Jarvis Lansdowne, Guests include Balonia Wry of Boylesque TO, Zsa Zsa LaBitche and for the first time in history features a pregnant Naked Girl Reading! Rock n’ Roll Momma to Be Mena Von Fleisch will be reading along with other burlesque performers from Skin Tight Outta Sight in the nude, sans their usual pasties and g-strings!
Cover: $15.00 – $25.00 per couple

Online Ticket Purchase Link: http://ngrrocknrollskintightouttasight.eventbrite.com/

The Painted Lady 218 Osington Ave., Toronto
For more information please contact: Tanya Cheex at cintra11@yahoo.com


~ by tanyacheex on November 5, 2010.

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