Naked Ghouls

Dominique Trixx Man Ray style

Dominique Trixx –

I realized that my Naked Girls “costume” from last year (this being our second anniversary of N. Ghouls), was never seen since the event- so a year later, here lies a shot of it – whoooooo…  concept by Dominique, photo by Pez, makeup: Karin Stone.  That was fun – attempting to replicate a set of favourite images live in the flesh. This year I decided to be just me…the Cowgirl.  Our Halloween Naked Ghouls reading was a lot of fun, and I “dug out” some classics:  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Penquin Classics went all out and published a new version of Frankenstein with a Daniel Clowes cover. Figured that was photogenic – but revisiting this story was already impetus enough for me to use it for Halloween. I am so moved by the descriptions of the “monster” observing the impoverished family loving and living in their small abode, which is the section I decided to read. It’s really really worth reinvestigating. Coincidentally I was watching the movie Gods and Monsters last night… No No No, you’re not going to get away with that! If you must rush,  start with Volume Two, Chapter IV. ‘I lay on my straw, but I could not sleep.”  Let that sink in, then go from there. It’s intense, very haunting.

As for the headless horseman,  I sometimes spent my afternoons (not nights!) hanging around Irvington, NY (and Tarrytown) so I am very close to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The language it is written in, in particular –  good ‘ole early American literature –  is one of my favorite (not favourite!) things about this story. That, and of course the name Ichabod Crane, which Irving ripped off from a real Ichabod Crane, who was none too pleased about it.

Til next time, DT


~ by dominiquetrixx on November 10, 2010.

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