Afternoon of 2010

I watched footage of Nijinsky’s Afternoon of a Faun today, saw the Nutcracker last night, and realized perhaps it’s time to reflect upon 2010, and our firsts and seconds this year, and what makes a classic a classic and an event an event.

This December, Michelle L’amour, Greta Layne, and I read A Christmas Carol, first published on 19 Dec, 1843 (this weekend, 167 years ago….!), and it went over beautifully and movingly the second time around. Marley’s ghost was still scary as hell, chains and all, and it was chilling and unforgettable, and also cozy, in the way favourite stories always are.

Firsts: Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors Awards Gala, First Winner, Patty Templeton, First performance at the Everleigh Social Club, First time I heard the sound and songs of Frosty the Snowman but couldn’t watch it, as it was being projected on my butt,  I mean,  round screen behind me.

Seconds:  Annual Reading of a Christmas Carol,  Annual Naked Ghouls Reading, Naked Girls Rock, Who Wants to be A Naked Girl Contest?  So much has worked, traditions are being made.

From the extreme conceptual/literal and erotic Afternoon of a Faun and all the rules and artistic ground it broke, to the light confection that is the Nutcracker Ballet, to the ( you knew I was getting lofty, right…?)  feat of turning the concept of Naked Girls Reading into a full fledged, unpredictable, extraordinary event every time we do it, and I mean this seriously, I like to believe these are not so unlikely bedmates. As long as Marley’s Ghost is not sitting in, I guess.

Let’s raise our chalices (as we did on the opening night of the Everleigh Social Club in November, reading Franky Vivid’s poems and drinking red wine from a custom made glass shaped like Michelle’s breast)

Here’s to 2010, a great year, and here’s to 2011!  January we will be kicking off our clothes but not our heels to celebrate Gypsy Rose Lee’s 100th Birthday. On a Saturday night! Take note.

Send over your impressions of our 2010, your favorite memories of the year, aspirations for next year, literary dreams….like that. We love it.  — Dominique Trixx


~ by dominiquetrixx on December 18, 2010.

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