Your Heart Is My Piñata.

Piñata indeed.

Love can undeniably feel that way.  Ah, but what about the intoxicating feeling of being consumed with desire?  The passion?  The excitement?  The irrepressible salaciousness?  Well, I’ll tell you what…it doesn’t necessarily amount to a sensational piece of literature.

We want the raw, the tortuous, the agonizing works that, well, maybe secretly make us feel a little better about our own poorly calculated decisions.  Of course, we would never admit feeling that way, but in all honesty, how many times have you thought to yourself “I could be walking in their shoes.  At least I didn’t fuck things up that badly!”

For this month’s Naked Girls Reading, Love Stinks, I tried to gather some of the most miserable, tragic pieces I could get my hands on.  And you know what?  It legitimately is like good therapy.

I read some of the worst break-up stories that I could find.  For example, imagine getting yourself all comfortable and ready to enjoy the new porno you just picked up only to see your partner and your best friend fucking on the TV screen when you press play.  Yep.  True story.

I also read about Sid and Nancy.  When it comes to love gone bad, it is difficult to exceed murder.  And thank goodness for that!  It certainly makes any of my little blunders pale in comparison.

The highlight of my evening however, was reading about Leo Tolstoy from the book Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love by Andrew Shaffer.  This man’s love life is…um…epic.  I highly encourage you to pick up this entertaining book.  I’m not going to get into much detail about the passage – if you missed it, well, you missed it.  For a little insight, I will leave you with a quote from The Kreutzer Sonata, in which the details reflect Tolstoy’s marriage to Sophia Andreevna Behrs.

“Cold hostility was our normal state….We had spats about the coffee, the tablecloth, the carriage, games of cards – trifles, in short, which could not be of the least importance to either of us….All husbands who live the married life that I lived must either resort to outside debauchery, or separate from their wives, or kill themselves, or kill their wives….”

Ah, yes.  Love is grand.

~Greta Layne


~ by Greta Layne on February 19, 2011.

One Response to “Your Heart Is My Piñata.”

  1. Nicely done. You could actually do a series called “My heart is a Pinata”

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