New Orleans is a city that evokes a great deal of emotion. Some hate it and some adore it but whatever your sentiments about the Big Easy, indifference towards it isn’t likely to enter in to the picture.

There are many moments when, as a naked girl who reads, I find myself wishing to I had a time machine. The more you read, the more you will encounter moments so vivid and rich you wish they were your lived memories and not just your read ones. I frequently feel this way about books, and sometimes they grow into my memories and dreams as if they were truly originated by my own mind and not penned by an author I’d never known.

New Orleans felt this same way to me when I first visited. I can remember buying an overpriced $10 umbrella and not even minding that I’d gotten the tourist price. I never once felt like an outsider there. That’s the magic of resonance whether it’s found in a book, in a place or in another person.

Have you ever encountered something that feels familiar, but that cannot possibly be familiar because it’s never before been known to you?  You find yourself baffled at once and intrigued. I hope you have felt this in your life time because It’s one of life’s beautiful gifts.  I believe it’s feelings like this that lead to an empathetic and rich life.

To feel so keenly that something that is not you is somehow also of you. It is our human ability to make this leap into connection that is also at the core of so many of the things we create.

The evening we read naked about Nah’lins was also beautiful for this reason and I truly hope that for those of you who were there you could feel the shoot of that tenderness too. When you open up naked about something you love be it a place or a book you take a beautiful risk… maybe you shed a tear or your voice quakes with the inflection of emotion as you read or you find yourself speaking in a southern drawl you yourself do not possess and wondering how it slipped onto your tongue so easily. Or perhaps you find yourself transported if only for a while into the business of a funeral march wearing the colorful plumes of a mardi-gras chief and hearing the distant notes of Jelly’s fingers roll over the ivories.

I hope you were there, and I hope you felt it too. Happy Birthday to the tenderest buds I know. Time travel as it turns out may only be a few clicks away from fellowship, raw beauty, rainy nights,  nakedness, empathy, and equal parts wine, whiskey and song.


~ by mimifirst on March 7, 2011.

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