Naked Lazing In New Orleans

Dominique Trixx New Orleans dispatch #1. Definition of Lazing.  To be lazy, loaf, laze around the house.  I often dream of porches. and lazing.  I laze inside. I like to laze inside when it is hot outside.  I wish I loafed more often, and I actually am inside a lot, as I have some vampiric tendancies. Like not being crazy about daylight, and feeling like New Orleans is just about the perfect place to stay in all day and emerge at night.   — Don’t worry, that’s about where it ends as far as comparisons.  Back to porches. Maybe a porch, maybe a balcony, in New Orleans. Lazing.  It was a rainy night in Chicago and a steamy sultry night at the Everleigh Social Club, when we read about New Orleans, talked about the music and the culture and the literature, and celebrated our 2nd anniversary as Naked Girls.

For our Mardi Gras, New Orleans theme, I read a snippet of “Lords of Misrule – Mardi Gras and the Politics of Race in New Orleans”,  written by James Gill and published in 1997. (Gill is actually a Brit…but lives and writes in New Orleans)  It is the first book written on the history of the race politics in New Orleans and its relationship to Mardi Gras.  – yes, it’s a sultry city, but also has realities that caused me to put aside my dreaming for a bit and recount some of the stories that also bite nola. Mardi Gras is festive and gay but also ripe with a loaded racial and economic undercurrent and history. Lords of Misrule has chapters titled “The Old South on Parade” and “The Krewes and the Klan”. DD is still very active with his messages of hate, so it’s important to stay alert even today, even while enjoying fantasies and balconies.

I’m also fascinated by the origins of the book A Confederacy of Dunces, so I read the introduction of the copy I have, which was written by Walter Percy, who was instrumental in getting this book published. One of the most vivid literary protagonists that I know is Ignatius J. Reilly, of the green hunting cap fame.

All in all, I loved waxing poetic about the city, and covering all the bases we did, as we Naked Girls celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Let the reveling begin, now that we’ve aired out the dirty laundry. On that porch. Have a sazerac for me!

Love, Dominique


~ by dominiquetrixx on March 7, 2011.

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