I am a proud owner of Stick-On Glow in the Dark Planets, I am a planetarium member, and I am sometimes seen hanging out in observatories —   I love looking at binaries and “double doubles”, and as for planets —  Saturn’s rings and moons are my fetish.   Looking through an incredible telescope in an old observatory is a quiet and eerie and moving experience.  (and to think Saturn has  53 moons —   Titan included!)    Send a comment if you need to look any of these up, and we’ll talk.

..Anyway, Space and the final frontier and all that. April’s Sci Fi theme was replete with Darth Vader’s theme song upon each of our entries,  a friendly (?)  Star Trek themed debate (courtesy of Mimi First) , and some moments that would be hard to describe except to say C.S. Lewis has some material that is absolutely unforgettable, and Michelle L’amour bravely and beautifully read a passage that was incredible.

I think one of the best things about Science Fiction is (a) the fans and (b) the dazzle.   Dazzle as in wonder, awe, debate, the opening of ideas,  the asking of questions,  knowing there are no answers, — Science and philosophy and all out wonder is a huge part of what I love about reading Science Fiction. I love 1950’s Sci-Fi, both images and books, (and movies!!)  -1954’s” Them!” being one of my many faves-    For our blissfully sold-out reading,  I chose James Blish’s  (not a pun)  novel called  Year 2018!  (Published in England as “They Shall Have Stars”) — The reference ” Millions Now Living Will Never Die” is in this book, and it has everything from drug companies clandestinely manufacturing anti-aging/anti-death drugs complete with behind -closed- doors infant vivisections, to a bridge being built on Jupitor. It is a true hard sci fi romp, and 2018 sure looked like the future in 1957 when this book was published.   It has a great X- Files- esque McCarthy-era/ brandy-snifter swirling /smoking-man type scene which starts off the book. I chose to read this as I am a huge fan of brandy snifting. (is that a verb?) –   A – male-  freshman senator from Alaska (!) and an ex-Director of  the World Health Organization meet and discuss space flight programs and government frustration in this scene.  All while passing the brandy and sitting in an office with a fire in the fireplace casting shadows on the walls.  James Blish was a true scientist and even worked for a drug company for a while, the name of which is loosely veiled in this book. Blish also wrote Titan’s Daughter, by the way. Hope you like the graphic.– It is thought that Blish coined the word Gas Giant. (My Saturn references continue).

I also read from the 1950’s series “Tom Swift Jr. Adventures”, which covers the adventures of one Tom Swift, sometimes with his friend Bud, with fabulous illustrations by Graham Kaye and written by Victor Appleton II. I read from Tom Swift and His Giant Robot, (1954),  but Tom has adventures related to his…Flying Lab (Tom Swift And His Flying Lab), his Jetmarine (Tom Swift and His Jetmarine) , his rocket ship, his Atomic Earth Blaster, his Outpost in Space, Diving Seacopter, Ultrasonic Cyclopane….oh, it is great. Triphibian Atomicar, anyone? How bout a Electronic Retroscope or a Spectromarine Selector?

On the other side of the Sci Fi style, I opted to read Ursula K. LeGuin. The Left Hand Of Darkness is moving, and fantastic, and thought provoking, and I really loved reading it. She’s won more Sci-Fi writing awards (Nebula/Hugo) than many of her male counterparts, such as Isaac Asimov and Neil Gaiman. Not that I’m counting. But I did count how many men vs women seemed to be in the genre and felt it was pretty damn important to read LeGuin. Thanks for my vocal supporters in our audience!

Can’t wait to hear your comments about our Journeys to the Center of the Earth and everything interplanetary and intraplanetary.

–Dominique Trixx


~ by dominiquetrixx on April 6, 2011.

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