NGR Rock Forever!

So as usual Naked Girls Rock was a spectacle. If you came out you got to see four very
foxy naked ladies Un-dressed up like the band K.I.S.S.

I was your drummer, Peter Criss aka. Cat! Which I was thrilled about because I’ve
always wanted to be a drummer and I have a few greatest hits of my own, all of which
were well displayed during our NGR set!

It was fun to hear the legends of rock in their own words through the sexy growl of our
own voices. I like to think of us as a literary uncover band covering some of the most
interesting moments in rock –n-roll. Discoursing for you on the proper attire for the
heavy metal aficionado, or Gene Simmons feelings about male and female social roles,
Or about the painful discomfort experienced when one is subjected to someone else’s
musical taste against their will. There were some wonderful readings and some even
more wonderful Freudian slips. Gene Simmons has forever been dubbed Gene Semens
(thanks Michelle)

The evening had more high-moments then our NGR tour bus. I personally got a real kick
sharing the 33 1/3 series with our audience. From the series I chose Carl Wilson’s, “Lets
talk about love” In which what we really talked about was HATE – as in my god how I
hate the over emoting catalog of Celine Dion. She’s been dubbed the anti-christ of indie
sensibility and her mega-popularity and mass appeal baffle me to this day. I’m thrilled
that Carl Wilson legitimized my knee-jerk disdain for Dion with his scholarly discouse.

Another high moment was a TomWaits interview read by Greta and Dominique. You
ladies crack me up and I completely forgot myself I was so wrapped up listening to you

But for me the evening will always be most remembered by the crescendo of a high
I experienced driving home in my Toyota Camry with my face paint still in place.
Stopping at every light to grimace at any one stuck waiting at the intersection beside me.
Turns out revving your engines, coming to an incomplete stop, and blaring “Larger than
Life” on repeat with your windows rolled down and your face painted like one of the
knights in Satans Service = ONE HELL OF A GREAT TIME.

Mimi First


~ by mimifirst on May 23, 2011.

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