Rock HIM like a hurricane

    Dominique Trixx’s True (not Tall) Tales of Rock, In Which Dominique Comes Face to Face With…. —

Some know me as a quiet person, others know me as someone who may throw a half full beer mug  across a bar at the slightest provocation (yes, mug..take note, because they use those in Germany).   Is this true? Or Rock & Roll Lore? Let’s put it this way- I’m too well mannered to dump a TV out of a fancy high rise hotel.

Naked Girls Rock is an event to savor and an event where we all get especially down and dirty.  “It’s early morning, The Sun Comes out, Last night was Shaking, and pretty Loud.”    I have a true Hollywood story. I found myself hanging out in LA with a group of … people… and one of them had a relatively thick German accent. What was his name..? We went around the table making introductions. His name was…. Klaus?… Rudolf? Shit, I’m bad with names. And those rock memories can be very hazy. However, he claimed he made his living as a gigolo when I asked what had brought him to LA, (feeling pretty confident he wasn’t, indeed, from LA, or the US, for that matter.)   After a few snickers around the table, he confessed he was a member of the group the Scorpions. “Oh”, I said, in true Dominique fashion. “I know you guys…Rock Me Like a Hurricane.” “Well, no.” he said. He became agitated.   “Why do all the girls get it wrong? It’s “Rock YOU like a Hurricane”.  hmmmm… this was scintillating.   I did not have a glass to throw, but I did..debate. This made me a little mad. (and I did probably have a glass to throw, but I still have a little patience sometimes.)   I countered,  “Well, perhaps a girl would prefer to BE rocked, as oppposed to GETTING rocked, if you l know what I mean.”  (Those album covers and lyrics…come on , he deserved a little hassle). Although I do love that Helmut Newton cover.  “Now” , he said, smiling, “I really know it’s Rock YOU like a hurricane.”   Hmm.  Did I feel threatened?  I try again. “Really,  a guy is going to need to Rock ME like a Hurricane, get it, not the other way around”.   As you can see, a mixture of drugs, alcohol, and egos can lead to very innane kitchen table banter. This doesn’t even make sense. But it went on for far longer than you really need to know, as we split hairs at a Hollywood kitchen table over this apparently common mis-remembering, or not ever remembering at all,  the title of this song, on my part, and the part of many of the woman of the world that my new friend has engaged in conversation.   This truly was a rock battle with epic ramifications.  HA…   We agreed to disagree. We ended up clinking glasses, not breaking them over each other’s heads, and I smiled and told him I was very happy to meet a real Hollywood Gigolo.   (Actually , that’s not true. We did not agree to disagree and didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the night. Listen, this was a real sore spot for my new German pal, and I feel for him, having to tolerate all the mis-rememberings of the title of his classic hit.)  OR..wait a minute. Was I really the only one to do this? ……… You tell me!

Rock on, Naked Girls!! Next year, watch out for hurricanes.

xoxo Dominique Trixx


~ by dominiquetrixx on May 24, 2011.

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